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Today it is virtually impossible to get by without Internet access. JCWIFI knows our customers have different access needs, and we have several Service Packages to make sure you can get where you are going.

Information on all above packages

Deposit $120.00 ($60 held on equipment, $60 in bill credits the second year with on time payments during the first year)

One month free service with one year advance payment with Silver and Gold packages

Includes five email accounts

Add On Service Options

Backup Internet Service for Business

Automatic rollover if primary provider is down ……We can provide managed router for automatic Failover for $5/mo if customer does not currently have one.

Basic Backup: (1)Burst

(1M Upload /9M Download)
$24.95 monthly

$99.95 per month if activated.

Onetime Setup/install fee $120.00

Automatic Texting alert when primary connection fails.

Dedicated Link Backup:

(20M Upload /20 Download) - $49.95 monthly

$199.95 per month if activated

Onetime Setup/install fee $299.00

Contact us for a custom quote for a backup link requiring more than 20MB

Additional Information:

*backup service not available in all areas

(1)Burst speed is 9mg down/2mb up for 2 minutes. Sustained speed is 3.3mg down/1 mg up

(2) Sustained speed - Not "up to"

Bill Payment Methods

  • Automatic account withdrawal
  • Monthly automatic credit card charge
  • Annual Billing
  • Easy to use
  • Fast & Reliable
  • Complete installation by our technicians
  • Includes all antenna and cabling
  • 5 free email accounts included
  • Discount for upfront annual pay plan
  • FREE site analysis
  • Expert local technical support including nights & weekends

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